Our focus

All natural chicken. Raised on pasture. F​ed non-medicated feed. Fresh air and sunshine. Non-medicated, no antibiotics, no hormones.

We only purchase day-old chicks from reputable hatcheries that allow us to choose un-vaccinated chicks. This way from their birth, we are able to ensure to you that our chicks are 100% natural.


The day-old chicks start out in one of our brooders (baby chick houses). They are fed a non-medicated feed ration according to their weight and have continued access to fresh water. Once they are three weeks old, they are transferred to the pasture. After being raised on fresh pasture, fresh air, and all the sunshine they’d like, they are ready to be processed.


We actually are 1 of 8 facilities in the state of Louisiana that operates under the 20,000 poultry exemption licensure. Our processing facility is approved by the State of Louisiana and is evaluated once a quarter to ensure safe handling & processing of our poultry. The chickens are processed in the most humane way possible giving you cleanest and freshest product.


Our poultry is packaged to stay fresh even if frozen by using clear, freezer grade bags and wrapped in freezer paper. To order, you can call the farm and place your order over the phone (985) 709-9061 or place you order on the site. We offer FREE delivery for orders over $50 in the 70360, 70363, 70301 Zip Codes. We also offer a central meetup in Houma.

About Us

We're a third generation farm. And we thank our fathers, grandfathers, and uncles for being such an inspiration for what we have and will accomplish on Mossy Ridge Farm.

We were raised back in the days that you ate what you grew and if you took care of your land it would take care of you. We truly want to bring back those core values to the family that we're raising and hopefully to their future generations.

So a big thank you to the Malbrough and Champagne men in both our families that taught us what it meant to truly put in a hard days work and how to farm the right way.

Greg & Heather Malbrough

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